Violet Yorke Book Tour and New Book Announcement!

How time flies and what a summer it’s been. More on that later. It’s September and Violet Yorke has been out in the world for six months. The response to my poor little rich girl who sees ghosts in 1912 Manhattan has far exceeded my expectations. Readers of all ages love this sassy heiress and have made my MG debut an Amazon best-seller.

So in celebration of this milestone, I’m doing–ta da–a book tour until October 4th. There’s a great giveaway too! You can find all the details of the tour and how to enter right here:


I can’t make the official announcement quite yet–hopefully soon. What I can say for now is that it’s NOT a children’s book and it’s semi-autobiographical. This book CONSUMED me last fall and I wrote it in a white hot heat. I honestly didn’t know if it was A THING until I finished it, exhausted, and my hubby and kids read it and told me it most certainly was.

And so here we are.

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