Violet Yorke News

Happy to say that Violet Yorke is now available in paperback as well as Amazon Kindle.

It’s been a wild ride. I’m learning a ton about marketing and promoting. I’m a natural born introvert, so putting myself and my work out there doesn’t come easy for me, but I’m game for new adventures. So far I’ve done podcasts, interviews, and even taped myself reading the first paragraph of the book.

I’ve become somewhat more adept at creating book posters and banners, but the real star of this show has been my middle daughter who made a fantastic book trailer.

Mark your calendar: the weekend of May 21-22, Violet Yorke will be available for free on Amazon Kindle as a special promotion. And from May 19-29, I’ll be doing an Instagram book tour hosted by Berit at

So please check out my debut middle-grade supernatural mystery on Amazon. And kindly leave a review!

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